As we were founding our group, we thought of a group that can be art in itself. A group which is more oriented towards the process of making art than the product itself. It is absolutely crucial to us how we interact with one another and in our group, enjoying the process is a must. Therefore, it is an artist-oriented group rather than audience-oriented, although you cannot usually tell for sure who is the audience and who is the artist. Our set of rules are set as such:

1. It is important to be on time. So we make money out of late-comers. For every quarter of an hour, you pay a fine;

2. It is easy to enter the group even easier to leave it, but quite hard, financially, to re-enter it once you have left. For each session you are absent, you pay a fine;

3. Each new member contributes a sum to group upon entrance;

4. The acceptance of every new member is dependent upon the approval of all previous members;

5. Ideas to be performed by the group are formed collectively. However, all the members of the group help to execute the ideas of every other member when the idea is worth it!

6. The main material of our performances are cardboards, wet glue labels, and people. Ideas most be translated into the determined material;

7. We love to design and build the space of our performances;

8. We do not limit ourselves to galleries or learned audience. We enjoy working for people. We would love to be looked upon and paid as workers;

9. Any regulations ratified in any session serves as law for those who have been absent;

10. An agelast can never be an avant-garde;

11. You should teach others to take seriously what is not serious;

12. Only that cuts a paper with scissors who has never held a cutter in his hand;

13. Any cut edge of a cardboard must be covered with wet glue label.

The following photo shows an original document sent by a cutartist to justify her absence: