/a:t/BrE was born out of a class Bavand Behpoor taught at Mah-e-Mehr, a private art institute in Tehran, for two semesters in summer and autumn 2009. The course was called, Performance Art: Theory and Practice. When the course was finished, to compensate for the lack of practice in the course which was mostly theoretical, the students were invited to come together outside the institution to found a group on the basis of certain agreements: firstly, we all believe in contemporary art. Secondly, we all think that we can create original and authentic ‘art’ in proper sense in Iran as long as we maintain a direct connection to the situation. Thirdly, we believe that wit and joy are essential to being contemporary. Fourthly, we prefer ordinary people as audience, although we are not ordinary ourselves. Fifthly, we value process more highly than product; we prefer to have a group that is art in itself rather than producing art. (Hence the group name, /a:t/BrE) Sixthly, enjoying what you do is a must. Seventhly, anybody can be artist but not all ideas are worth performing. Eightly, there is no reason to do personally what you can do collectively. Ninthly, art must be built. Tenthly, it is gorgeous to be a performer!