Following are some ads suggested by cutartists to be published in newspapers. /a:t/BrE tends to perform in people’s places (which, in Iran, are the true public spaces) and in reaching its audience it makes use of various means, including ads:

The key to your success is in our hands. Send address, receive the key.

We are alone. We understand you.

Hair implant with side-effects.

Experience commodification with us.

Keep your lonliness to yourself in the boxes we build for you.

We will come to your houses. The fee is per hour.

I totally agree with you. Please call.

Do not take any decisions without us.

Performance in your darn place.

Our magical box, full of excitement and wonders, suitable for the learned of all ages, forces contemporary art down your throat. Door to door delivery across the country.

Our skilled staff will polish your golden heart.

Dear wealthy fat friends who are supposedly busy. Do not worry about your overweight. We will come to your place.

Performance carnaval with experienced experts. Suitable for birthday parties and all kinds of celebrations.

We will arrange your programmes. Call.

Looking for jobs? You wouldn’t find one. Call to chat.

Contemporary Art Marketer at your door.

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