Catharsis brings cutartists back home. They believe in the essential cathartic function of artworks in Iran and that is why they call themselves cutartists: artists who cut, which is what they do: cutting cardboards to create spaces where performance can happen. That’s the general idea. This general idea might go against art proper. And hence, the name of the group: /a:t/BrE, i.e. art with British pronunciation written in phonetics.

The group came out of a class Bavand Behpoor taught in Tehran. When the course was finished the students were invited to come together outside the institution to investigate the practical side of performance, which had received little attention in the class. The group was founded on the basis of certain agreements: firstly, we believe in the potentials of contemporary art. Secondly, all cutartists think it is possible to produce in Iran original and authentic ‘art’ in the proper sense of the word as long as they maintain a direct connection to their situation. Thirdly, they believe wit and joy are essential to being contemporary. Fourthly, they prefer ordinary people as audience, although they are not ordinary themselves. Fifthly, they give process priority over product and want their group to be art in itself. (Hence the name of the group.) Sixthly, they believe enjoying what you do is a must. Seventhly, bluh bluh, anybody can be an artist but not all ideas are worth performing. Eighthly, there is no reason to do personally what you can do collectively. Ninthly, art must be built. Tenthly, it is gorgeous to be a performer!

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