The workshop, the report of which is also posted on website, resulted in the creation of nine performance boxes. Each of the boxes created new means for transmission of a single phenomenon through an unusual medium. Six cutartists, mentioned below, led the groups while Bavand Behpoor and Hadis Aghakhan Beigi acted as the link between the groups.

Group One

Cutartist leaders: Zahra Hosseini, Hossein Hosseini

Creators: Mehrnoosh Borna, Arezoo Soleymani, Sahar Sha’bani, Marzieh Hooshmand, Mehdi Ravandi, Behrooz Moslemi, Mahboobeh Nasiri, Sahar Vatanzadeh, Mohammad Sayyar, Shirin Cheraghzadeh

Box 1

Allowing transmission of kisses through palpation mediator. The transmitter holds a small air bag in his hand and reads out a love letter that turns aggressive through time!

Box 2

Allowing transmission of torture. The tortured can leave notes on cardboard knifes informing the torturer about the pain caused.

Box 3

Allowing transmission of an algorithm. When the pinhole on one side is covered, the other participant understands it as a signal. However, the algorithms written on two sides are different, thus resulting in a misreading of the signals transmitted: one participant is asked to transmit through several signals the answer to this question: ‘who is most beautiful among your nieces and nephews?’ while she is ignorant of the fact that her answers are actually determining the fate of the person on the other side of the box: she will be destined to a certain punishment according to the answers the other participant gives.

Group Two

Cutartist leaders: Zahra Sadat Tabataba’i, Roxana Piroozmand

Creators: Maryam Jahandarpoor, Mahsa Kajoori, Mehrooz Naghshinehfard, Pejhman Shahali, Mohammad Reza Poormoghaddam, Mohammad Javad Zareh, Shayan Salari, Nastaran Khajeh, Tannaz Shams

Box 4

Allowing transmission of a notion through touching of hands.

Box 5

Allowing transmission of silence through an interruption of a counting process. As one performer counts aloud, another performer counts numbers into his ears.

Box 6

Allowing transmission of narcissism through asking questions and caressing the replier’s foot regardless of the given answer.

Group Three

Cutartist leaders: Mansooreh Panahbarkhoda, Hamid Reza Sadeghi

Creators: Esmail Bazparan, Hamed Salehizadeh, Narges Rafiee Ayyoobloo, Fatemeh Jahangiri, Elnaz Abdollahi, Pegah Pashangeh, Babak Bafahm, Zahra Khosheghbal, Behamin Boostani, Fatemeh Eksiri Box 7

Allowing transmission of lust through palpatory mediator. One performer inserts his hands into holes perforated in the box, the other rubs his hands with different bags (greasy, soft, warm) filled with water.

Box 8

Allowing transmission of philosophy through alteration of a meaningless text (palimpsest?).

Box 9

Allowing verbal communication but with human interference. Inside the middle box, sits a cutartist who alters texts thrown into the box before passing it to the other side.

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