Performance Box Curatorship is in its own way an attempt at pluralizing the idea of curatorship and expanding gallery walls. Even in cyberspace where exhibition space is unlimited, there should be someone to decide what to be seen and set the priority. In ‘Performance Box’, we tried to allow the viewers to choose their curator: no viewer sees all artworks, rather chooses the person who will choose for him. Every one of the fifty artists participating in this exhibition has decided upon the curatorship of their work choosing the artworks that will be shown before and after their artwork and the duration of their exhibition. If most artists find an artwork weak and unworthy of exhibition, they will not include it in their curatorship thus reducing its visibility without excluding it altogether. However, the exhibition remains different from festivals where anything is exhibited.

In this exhibition we also tried to test how artworks work on viewers when they are in a one-to-one relationship with the audience. Here the influence of viewer comments is removed to a great extent: every viewer experiences the exhibition individually and in a different manner and cannot discuss it with others. None of the ninety viewers can see all the artworks. Every viewer has a share of 15-minutes in the exhibition which is exclusively hers. Since the audience is an inseparable part of such a performance, we have included the name of viewers in the catalogue.

As for the theme, we tried to provide artists with something to chew on. Instead of choosing a ‘subject’, we agreed upon a short-short story by Peter Handke and the artists were free to use it in any way they liked: the title, different elements or the general atmosphere could have been equally used. We did not intend to make it difficult for the artists but the story proved more difficult than we expected.

If you have not seen the exhibition and you are reading this, I can be of little help in explaining the quality of the exhibition or its success or failure. Thus I should stop. This is what we like about performance: you have to be there and see for yourself. If you have been there, then you have been an eyewitness and we are grateful for your cooperation. If you have not, what a pity. Maybe next time.

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